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The difference was the amount of effort it took to get those shots. Galaxy S6 left picks out more detail in shadow compared to the iPhone 6. Image credit: Gordon Kelly. The Galaxy S6 changes all that. You point, shoot and walk away.

Samsung Galaxy S6

I've become so confident in the Galaxy S6 camera that I almost never consider taking a second shot. In fact I only tend to check a photo I've taken because I want to see how great it is just be sure you get the right one. Galaxy S6 left produces wonderfully balanced photos with greater detail Galaxy S5 right. In addition that physical home button becomes incredibly handy as Samsung has made a double tap the shortcut to opening the camera from any location.

You can go from writing an email or playing a game to taking a photo in less than a second which means you never miss something serendipitous. Actually I want that to be true for the iPhone 7 as well. Even challenging colours in very bright sunlight as well controlled. What about the front facing camera?

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It's not perfect you'll need to turn down the aggressive default 'Beauty' mode to avoid looking completely Photoshopped but again it is fast again there's f1. When we come to video though, things are closer.

The Galaxy S6 has 4K which gives it an edge on paper, but the iPhone 6 remains every bit as usable and the duo both offer Slow Mo and Time Lapse modes. Then again Samsung lets you dig deeper into the settings, which should appeal to more advanced photographers. If the camera is the best thing about the Galaxy S6, then after one month of use I can categorically say battery life is the worst thing about it.

The S6 now lasts about as long as an iPhone 6. In other words: light use will see you through the day, but more demanding users and anyone who likes to play games on their phones will be reaching for a charger by late afternoon. Galaxy S6 battery consumption is a step backwards and requires light usage to get through a day - Image credit: Gordon Kelly.

Clearly with the Galaxy S6, Samsung wants in on that:. Yes, for the first time, Samsung has priced the Galaxy S above that of an equivalent iPhone the exception being a better value 32GB entry level option. So is that too much? Probably not. Galaxy S6 left versus iPhone 6 right - image credit Gordon Kelly. The reality is most people buy their phones on two year contracts where the asking price is absorbed.

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In addition Samsung can now point to the Galaxy S6 build quality and say this is a phone which deserves top billing because it is finally a match for the iPhone on the outside while also offering far more cutting edge technology inside. Then again with Apple keeping iPhone prices rock solid throughout its lifespan and Samsung famous for making generous cuts after about six months, I would suggest cautious buyers wait for the inevitable deals to come.

But those who are dead set against the Galaxy S6 are also right: dumping the expandable memory, removable battery, water resistance, cutting the battery life and upping the price is too much all in one go. One month on this leads me to an interesting conclusion: Samsung has made a brilliant phone, but it hasn't made a brilliant Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 top is a radically different phone to the Galaxy S5. Yes this is the phone Samsung needed to make as iPhone sales soar. In fact it is the most important phone Samsung has made since the original Galaxy S and for this the company should be applauded. But by naming it the Galaxy S6 it also means we will no longer get a real Galaxy S6. A phone which kept the much loved practicality and functionality of the Galaxy S5 glass or metal backs can still be removable , while still upping its game everywhere else.

The Galaxy S6 is a brilliant phone, but it feels like new range rather than a Galaxy S5 successor. I suspect the move will pay off. For most build quality will trump practicality and the incredible display and camera will convince users the bigger asking price is worth paying.

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So yes, Samsung has created a smartphone I believe will go down as a classic, but it will also be remembered for killing everything which made the Galaxy S range stand out. Follow GordonKelly. I am an experienced freelance technology journalist. I began in b But feelings are changing… One month on the Galaxy S6 is facing something akin to a critical backlash. Gallery: Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 16 images. View gallery. If you have multiple devices linked to your account then you will see a drop-down menu in the top right corner of the map and you can use this to select the device that you need to find.

Click the Ring button that appears on the screen in order to ring your phone at maximum volume. You can also choose to lock your device with a new password or you can choose to wipe the data on your phone. If you found the information useful then share it with your friends. Read the article properly. You will not find your lost Galaxy S6. Thanks for stopping by.

Hopefully the Police will do their side of the job now! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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